Ink Overview – Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji

pilot iroshizuku tsutsuji hot pink ink red n black paper fountain pen
The full shot of my testing page


In this Ink Overview, I’ll be taking a look at a very nice ink from Pilot’s Iroshizuku lineup – Tsutsuji


A close up of the title and swab


Tsutsuji means Azalea in Japanese, named after the Azalea flowers that are a beautiful pink color. This ink displays the flower’s color beautifully; the vibrancy makes it feel like you are seeing the color of the pedals in real life.


Some handwritten notes on what I think about the ink


As for the properties, the I know is very nicely wet and lubricated, as many inks are. The water resistance is basically non-existent, and its dry time is surprisingly quick, especially given that I tested it with a wet Montblanc nib. There is also a slight sheen that halos around the letters on most papers, but it comes out much more on TR paper.


pilot iroshizuku tsutsuji hot pink ink red n black paper fountain pen sheen tomoe river
Close up shot of Tsutsuji sheening on Tomoe River paper


As for it’s safety with vintage pens, I would say no. Many japanese pens are alkaline, which can quickly deteriorate sacs and diaphragms. But for a vintage pen that doesn’t use a sac, like a C/C or piston, I’d say go for it.


pilot iroshizuku tsutsuji hot pink ink red n black paper fountain pen shading
Close up of the shading test on Tomoe River paper. Here you can see the sheen’s halo effect on the letters


This is a fantastic ink for when you’re feeling fun and want to branch out from the inky restrictions placed on you from school or work. The shading also makes this ink very fun to use in stubs and flex pens.



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